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What is a semi-metal brake pad and its characteristics?


Hello everyone, what are semi-metal brake pads? What are the characteristics of semi-metal brake pads? Semi-metal brake pads are brake pads that are generally composed of iron linings and friction materials. It replaces asbestos fibers with metal fibers. The semi-metal brake pad material is a non-asbestos friction material developed by Bendis in the early 1970s. Semi-metal brake pads (semi-metal) primarily use coarse steel wool as a reinforcing fiber and an important mixture. The asbestos type and the appearance (fine fibers and particles) of non-asbestos organic brake pads (NAO) are easily distinguished from each other. In addition, they are somewhat magnetic. Semi-metal based friction materials have the following primary characteristics:

(1) It is very stable below the conflict coefficient. No thermal degradation, good thermal stability;

(2) Good wear resistance. Its service life is 3-5 times that of asbestos friction materials;

(3) It has good conflict performance under high load, and the conflict coefficient is stable;

(4) It has good thermal conductivity. The temperature gradient is small. Especially suitable for small disc brake products;

(5) Low braking noise.