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Which is more worth buying, hydraulic steering or electronic steering?


The hydraulic power steering system, as the name suggests, is a system that acts as a hydraulic steering system when the car is turning. From the type of power assist medium, most of the vehicles currently use a hydraulic power assist system. This method is to convert the hydraulic pressure through the steering machine. driving force.

The booster pump is connected to the engine through a belt, so the power of the hydraulic power steering comes from the engine, which is the only difference between it and the electronic steering. The easiest way to distinguish the two steering differences is to look at the fluid reservoir in the engine compartment.

Electronic power steering rack consumes electric energy, and electric energy is obtained by the engine driving the generator to generate electricity. This energy conversion efficiency is relatively high, so the energy loss is small, so the engine power loss is also small. However, electronic power steering rack also has its limitations. The reason is that the power generated by the generator of the car is limited, so the steering kinetic energy that can be provided is also limited.

In the case of low speed and large steering, the electronic control unit drives the electronic hydraulic pump to output high power at high speed, which saves the driver's efforts in the driving direction; on the contrary, the electronic hydraulic pump runs at a lower speed, which does not affect the high speed. Steering while saving some power.