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What advantages does aramid have over carbon fiber?


Compared with the friction composition of brake pads, what advantages does aramid have over carbon fiber?

1. Aramid fiber has no electricity (carbon fiber conducts electricity). In addition, carbon fiber is used for concrete structural reinforcement, and it must be isolated from steel bars to prevent electrochemical corrosion, while the use of aramid fibers is not limited by this.

2. The carbon fiber cloth has low front strength and is easy to decompose, which makes the chamfering and external processing requirements higher when pouring down. The radius of the pouring fish is not less than 20mm, while the aramid fiber only needs 10mm.

3 The high elastic modulus of carbon fiber enables it to withstand long-term static loads, which is its most prominent advantage, while aramid fibers are more competitive to withstand dynamic loads and local impacts.

4. Carbon fiber has certain advantages compared with aramid fiber cloth when it is used to limit the deflection of beams, but aramid fiber is undoubtedly a more suitable material in terms of construction operability.

5. The failure mode after carbon fiber reinforcement is brittleness (small structural deformation, small ultimate elongation of carbon fiber cloth), and no obvious signs. Therefore, as a structural design, a larger safety system must be adopted number.