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What materials are needed for the production of brake pads?


   The main raw materials of brake pads are adhesives, reinforcing fibers, fillers, and conditioning materials. The following is a detailed introduction to it: 1. Adhesives include resins and rubber powders: their function is to liquefy and then solidify after high temperature, allowing Brake pads change from powder to solidified block. 2. Reinforcing fibers are the bones of the brake pads: including aramid fibers, rigid cotton fibers, tung cotton fibers, mineral fibers, ceramic fibers, potassium titanate whiskers, etc. 3. Filling materials, different raw materials of brake pads: mesh diameters are all Different, some gap filling is required. 4. Adjusting materials to increase friction: those with higher hardness than brake discs, such as alumina, zirconium silicate, brown corundum, etc.