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What causes the abnormal sound of the steering rack? What to watch out for?


The abnormal sound of the steering gear is caused by the steering booster pump and the steering mechanism. It has no power and can only rely on manpower. The problem of abnormal steering noise may be the large clearance of the steering gear rack and pinion, or the large clearance of the universal transmission device, and it is necessary to listen to the sound to judge. This abnormal noise may also be related to the shock absorber pressure bearing. The damage of the pressure bearing is mainly related to driving habits. In the future driving, you should pay attention to the following three tips:

1. Avoid turning the steering rack in place, and try to turn the steering rack after the vehicle has moved.

2. When the vehicle is stopped, the steering wheel should be returned to the neutral position to avoid the suspension system and tires from being loaded.
3. When you need to make a U-turn, try to avoid the steering wheel hitting the dead center position