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What type of brakes use brake shoes?


Brake shoes are commonly used in drum brake systems. Drum brakes are a type of braking system in which brake shoes are housed inside a cylindrical drum attached to the wheel. When the brake pedal is pressed, hydraulic force or mechanical linkage causes the brake shoes to press against the interior surface of the drum, creating friction and slowing down or stopping the wheel's rotation.

Drum brakes were once the primary braking system in many vehicles, but in modern automotive design, disc brakes have become more prevalent for their improved performance, heat dissipation, and ease of maintenance. Disc brakes use brake pads instead of brake shoes, and they operate by clamping onto a disc (rotor) attached to the wheel.

While drum brakes are less common on today's cars, they are still used in some applications, such as the rear brakes of certain vehicles or in some heavy-duty and commercial vehicles. However, many passenger cars and light trucks now use disc brakes on all four wheels for better braking performance.

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