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How many brake pads should you change at a time?


Hello everyone, do we need to change the season pads when we replace the brake pads? Let's discuss it together.Brake pads are usually replaced in a pair, a pair of four. If it is said that it has never been replaced, it is recommended to replace the front and rear two pairs together, that is, eight pieces. If you don’t know how to judge whether the brake pads need to be replaced, you can refer to the following three situations: ① The mileage of the car is 40,000 to 60,000. km, the brake pads need to be checked or replaced. The thickness of the new brake pads is about 1.5cm. When the thickness of the brake pads reaches 0.5cm, it is time to consider replacing them for driving safety. ②When you step on the brake, you obviously feel that the brake is weak. If you step on it softly, or you need to step on the brake deeply to achieve the previous braking effect, the braking distance will become longer, which will seriously affect the driving safety. ③The instrument displays the brake fault light.