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How to replace the damaged car steering gear cover?


Hello everyone ! How to replace the damaged car steering gear bushing: 1. Yes, you must first see if there are suitable accessories for the steering gear before you can determine whether it can be repaired. Now, the assembly is generally replaced; 2. It can be repaired by the repair shop , it is best to go to the after-sale service for maintenance, the accessories in the steering machine are rarely available in the general repair shop; 3. If the steering machine is broken, it may be difficult to turn and the steering assistance will fail (that is, there is no assistance, when steering Too heavy), the steering gear is stuck and cannot be steered (the direction cannot be turned directly, it is stuck), and it will indirectly cause abnormal tire wear; 4. If the steering gear is broken, it must be repaired. Direct replacement of assembly parts, preferably original parts, is guaranteed. This situation directly affects driving safety.