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What information is required for import declaration?


Let's talk about what information is needed for import.Whether it is import or export, it needs to go through customs, then customs declaration is required. Today, we will talk about what materials and processes are required for import declaration.

Importers and exporters need to submit the following documents when they declare to the customs:
1. Customs declaration for import and export goods.
2. Invoice.
3. Packing list.
4. Contract.
5. When the customs deems it necessary, it should also submit the trade contract and the certificate of origin of the goods for inspection.
6. Other relevant documents. include:
(1) For the goods approved by the customs for tax reduction and exemption, the tax reduction and exemption certificate signed by the customs shall be submitted;
(2) For the import and export of goods under the processing trade contract that has been filed with the customs, the "registration manual" issued by the customs shall be submitted for inspection.