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What is AMECA certification?


Hello everyone ! let's learning what is AMECA. AMECA is the abbreviation of the American Automobile Manufacturers Parts Symbols Agency. It is a neutral certification agency responsible for the certification of automotive safety components.

Currently, AMECA accreditation consists of a model of laboratory accreditation and product notification. Product testing must be performed by an AMECA accredited laboratory. Test standards include Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard FMVSS, SAE Standard, Vehicle Safety Council VESC Standard, ANSI Standard and US and California Police Standards.

AMECA certified products include: lamps, lamp covers and lamp assemblies, retro-reflectors, reflective signs (reflective tapes), vehicle warning lights, alarms, reversing horns (reversing warning devices), school bus warning signs, antifreeze , brake fluid, brake hose (brake pipe), brake pads, hubs (wheels), rearview mirrors, trailer hooks, lamp lenses, warning triangles, motorcycle helmets, etc.BOMCAR is also AMECA certified for brake pads.

The general process of AMECA certification is as follows:
1. Confirm product standards;
2. Select an AMECA accredited laboratory and conduct the test;
3. Obtain the test report and fill in the AMECA certification application form;
4. AMECA issues a certificate (valid for three years);
5. Certificate renewal and maintenance.