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What should exhibitors pay attention to when exhibiting?


Hello everyone! The exhibition is mainly composed of exhibitors and buyers. It can be seen that the status of exhibitors is very important to our exhibition. The cooperation opportunities and trade promotion in the exhibition all come from the group of exhibitors. So, as an exhibitor, what should you pay attention to? 1. Fully understand your exhibits. How does it perform? What is the minimum quantity? What is the price range? What's special about the packaging? Second, the quotation should be reasonable and appropriate. When quoting, remember to grasp the scale accurately. 3. Learn about the surrounding booths. Be sure to take the time to learn about the surrounding booths, what booths are suitable for placement, and where is suitable for the exhibition of your own exhibits, you should understand clearly in advance. Fourth, noon is a prime time, and it is necessary to "stand firm". It is recommended that you do not walk away during this period, try to stay in front of the booth, and observe every customer passing by, they are likely to bring you opportunities for cooperation.