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What is the difference between aluminum steering gear and iron steering gear?


The aluminum steering gear and iron steering gear we are talking about are all for the shell material, and there is no pure aluminum or pure iron shell, they are all aluminum alloys. Iron shells are mostly castings

Aluminum steering gear is rarely used in the market. Generally, it is difficult to see the use of aluminum steering gear on large vehicles, mainly because of cost-effectiveness.

The steering gear is essentially a manual pump, which is used to drive the steering rod, but its working speed is very low, far less than the speed of the engine, and of course it will not generate high temperature. It uses a cast iron casing, which is easy to form and install, as long as the internal structure Accurate enough, long service life,

Aluminum steering gears are mostly used with high steering speed mechanisms, because of their good heat dissipation and small output torque, which means that many all-aluminum engines are more expensive, more common with small cars, and large cars are only part of aluminum products.