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What should we pay attention to when we replace the brake shoes?


Most cars use the front disc and rear drum brake structure. In general, the front brake pads wear relatively quickly, and the rear brake pads are used for a relatively long time. In the daily inspection and maintenance, the following points should be paid attention to. Aspects: First of all, under normal driving conditions, check the brake shoes every 5000 kilometers, not only to check the remaining thickness, but also to check the wear state of the shoes. Secondly, the brake shoe is generally composed of two parts: an iron lining plate and a friction material. Do not wait for the friction material to wear out before replacing the shoe. Furthermore, special tools must be used to push back the brake cylinder when replacing the shoes. After replacing the shoes, be sure to step on the brakes a few times to eliminate the gap between the shoes and the brake disc, causing the first foot to fail to brake, which is prone to accidents. It is worth noting that after the brake shoe is replaced, it needs to be run in for 200 kilometers to achieve the best braking effect, and the newly replaced shoe must be driven carefully.