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How to self-check whether the brake pads need to be replaced?


Hello everyone, this news will share with you how to check whether your car needs to replace the brake pads.Generally speaking, the vehicle needs to replace the brake pads once every 50,000 kilometers. Whether to replace the front or rear wheels depends on the condition of the vehicle. For most cars, the front brake pads will probably be replaced before the rear, but there are exceptions. A small tip: Note that when you change the brake pads, you need to change a group, not a single wheel, because it is necessary to ensure that the braking force of the left and right wheels is even. There are two common methods for brake pads: 一. Observe whether there are obvious annular scratch lines on the brake disc. If there is, it is very likely to be scratches on metal sheets or metal blocks;二. Use a thickness gauge, or a coin to stick the wire, and make a thickness gauge to detect the width of the gap between the brake pad and the brake disc.