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Maintenance method of steering parts


The power steering parts is widely used in modern middle and high class cars and heavy vehicles, which not only greatly improves the vehicle handling portability, but also improves the safety of the vehicle. Power steering parts is a mechanical steering parts based on the addition of a set of engine power output steering afterburner formed. Pinion - strip power steering mechanism is widely used in cars. This steering structure is simple, high sensitivity to control, steering light, and because the steering is completely closed, usually do not need to check adjustment.
The maintenance of power steering system is mainly as follows:
Check the level of power steering fluid in the tank regularly

In the HOT state (about 66℃, HOT to touch), the liquid level must be between HOT and COLD marks. If it is cold (approx. 21 ° C), the liquid level must be between the ADD and CLOD marks. If the level does not meet the requirements, DEXRON2 power steering fluid (hydraulic transmission oil) must be added.

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